Non-LED Lamps

We do the research. You get the lights and the savings!

We are proud to offer you a greater selection of lighting and fixtures that are not posted on the website.  This includes T8 lamps, Spiral Lamps, Flood Lights, etc.  We also specialize in those hard to find lamps.

We do all the research and search out the best solution
and product for you for the best price.

Contact customer service to inquire about any lamps or fixtures not shown on this website.

Converting from non-LED lamps to LED?

We can help you!

Give us a call and we will explain all the details and what is required to convert over to LED to help your business start saving money!

Get in touch now!


We would be happy to answer your questions. Please drop us a note here or visit our contacts page!

Non-LED Lamps

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